Şubat 14, 2014 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Crete in İstanbul

I have literally entered to 2014 making video shooting when my husband was on the stage with his band on new years eve ball. So according to this old saying, my whole year was supposed to continue in the same way. Well it actually did. The new entries are now full of videos and every each of them are continuous.
That had to mean something, but until I gathered back with beloved ones, and when they made me meet with special ones, I realize that I forgot to follow signs and listen to my heart. So that I now feel what it means.  Here is the story...
You all know now our entry about Paradisos Büyükada which is now another sacred paradise of mine in İstanbul Princess islands, and the owner -my dear friend- Anna. The very next week Anna gave me a ring saying her dear friend Tijen wants to meet us in person, and make an interview regarding her radio "muzigindiliyok.com". It was more than a pleasure for me and we set a date for this event. Yet I stil didn't know that more was on…