Colors and Fragrances (Χρώματα κι'αρώματα)

Hi everyone. Here's a new post with a video in it which contains my favourite spots of Istanbul where I was born and still living happily. There so much to say about this beautiful neck of two continents, Europe and Asia, but I prefer you to watch it and try to feel how it would like to be living here. 

The music is a bouzouki solo from "Hristos Nikolopoulos" a very famous Greek Musician. As you all know bouzouki is a Greek instrument and speaking of which here everyone of you would probably wonder why I am so keen on Greek music. I have a straightforward explanation for this: "I am in love with it". Every single timbre of it is making me feel like travel to places I have never visited before. It's magical to me. It is love and laughters, friendships and fights, remembering and forgetting, and eventually forgiving to me.. 

Now it is time to tell you why Greek music and Istanbul. As a person can observe even in such short and non professional video, the city has been the passage of Eras, Kingdoms, Sultanates and so, each and every phase has left ultimate rich culture and now we continue living with what's remained. And the Greek culture is one of the most suitable ones among others to City Of History, Istanbul with its food and beverage groove, the morning coffee and perpetual gossips, long breaks, summer holidays, wise men with full of philosophy, happy hours, late nite entertainments, friendship and endless other characteristics. 

Yeah fine you get it! The Title of this post is written as "Χρώματα κι'αρώματα" in Greek and pronounced as "Hromata kai Aromata" which means Colors and Fragrances. Try to search this on web and finally you'll meet a very beautiful another Greek song. 

PS: The journey on the video starts at Buyukada (The biggest island among Princes' Islands in the middle of Marmara Sea) and ends in Ortakoy where the First Bridge (Bosphorus Bridge) is located. More Istanbul videos are coming very soon. 

Thanks for watching and reading
Nadin Nerjan 

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