Elit Handicraft

I always feel very lucky to have such a valuable family. Today I would like you to understand the reason why. My cousin Sebnem Fidan with an entrepreneur energy started to create a web page with the aim of gathering very important, highlighted artist all around Turkey who are very famous for their handicrafts. And she now reached her goal and continues her works by participating several fairs, trade shows, special events around Istanbul as well as her works for developing her web site. 
The web site was built for commercial and retail -ofcourse- sales purposes. However, above all the selling and growing and advertisement issues, there is only one thing is important to her. Art. 
Anatolian soils for me is the heart of the art in world since ancient times. So far, the best artist and handicraft exercisers all around the world are either from Anatolia or are inspired by it. The rug and carpet making, wood carving and engraving, filigree works, copperworking and so...
Elit Handicraft today is hosting hundreds of different handicraft works such as glazed tile plates, special calligraphy handwriting works, paper marbling, gravure, mat, shawl, loincloth, ceramics, porcelain, cope works and paintings. 

Here are some examples - my favourite ones- of the handicrafts:

If you are influenced like I did, please visit elithandicraft.com.tr and be in touch just registering. 

Stay with love, soul and art
Nadin Nerjan 


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